Computational Materials Research Group
Welcome to the Computational Materials Research Group in the School of Chemistry @ the University of Birmingham!

The overarching theme of our research is in silico design of soft materials, including biomaterials, to inform fabrication of functional architectures as well as formulation of consumer products. The study of soft matter is central to this research theme. Our current research is focused on designing programmed self-assembly of a range of building blocks, from molecular to microscale, into functional architectures. We are particularly interested in designing novel photonic, porous, responsive and viscoelastic materials.

To this end our research develops, adapts, and applies computational methods, largely underpinned by the theory of statistical mechanics and energy landscape framework, to study systems of interest in close connection with contemporary experimental research.

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Recent Events

July, 2017
Professor Vinny Manoharan visited us as an Institute of Advanced Studies Distinguished Visiting Fellow.

July, 2017
New Frontiers in Colloid Science

July, 2017
UK Colloids 2017


October, 2017
Timothy Spankie joined our group to do his MSci project. Welcome!

September, 2017
Andreas joined our group as an MRes student. Welcome back!

Recent News & Events

July, 2017
Daniel gave a talk at UK Colloids 2017 in Manchester.

June, 2017
Andreas' final year project won the Natural Sciences Dissertation Prize. Congratulations to Andreas!

May, 2017
Daniel was a awarded a Rideal Travel Bursary. Congratulations to Daniel!

May, 2017
Our review got accpeted into Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science.

May, 2017
Dwaipayan gave a talk at the ESBOC 2017.

May, 2017
Nairhita Samanta joined our group from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay as a visiting PhD student. Welcome!

March, 2017
Andreas was offered a placement in the PRACE Summer of HPC 2017 programme. Congratulations to Andreas!

December, 2016