Computation and Theory of Soft Materials
Welcome to the world of soft matter! Soft matter is an umbrella term for a variety of seemingly disparate materials, which, for example, include liquid crystals, colloids and polymers, yet sharing certain common features.

The overarching theme of our research is in silico design of soft materials, including biomaterials, to inform fabrication of functional architectures as well as formulation of consumer products. The study of soft matter is central to this research theme. Our current research is focused on designing programmed self-assembly of a range of building blocks, from molecular to microscale, into functional architectures. We are particularly interested in designing novel photonic, porous, responsive and viscoelastic materials.

To this end our research develops, adapts, and applies computational methods, largely underpinned by the theory of statistical mechanics and energy landscape framework, to study systems of interest in close connection with contemporary experimental research.

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